Growth of Startups amongst economic slowdown

Startups in India are seeing a favourable picture on their side amongst the entire financial crisis and the economic slowdown, including a slump in consumer demand, and continue to see a strong capital inflow in the form of Foreign Direct Investment and Venture Capital Funding. The key to the growth here is “Tech”. According to.

Accounting For Startups

Accounting is all about keeping accurate records of the financial transactions to identify the opportunities for growth and improvements. It is essential for startups to have a good accounting foundation so that they stay organized and be efficient in managing their expenses as they grow. The success of a startup is based on efficient budget.

Need For Start-ups to Be Compliant

If you were a start-up founder, what do you think are the most necessary things to build your start-up? If your answers are an idea, a good team, capital and investors, I definitely agree with you. Now, if I rephrase my question, what do you think are the most necessary things to build a successful.

Startup Planning vs Agility

  If you are a startup founder, you know the problem with startup planning. Investors require business plans, but your business needs you to be agile. You need to be ready to face any changes in the market, but you should give an idea to your startup co-founders or team what the future would look.

How to pick your best startup idea?

There are great ideas and there are ideas that need improvement. I enrolled for StartupSchool by Y-Combinator this year. Here are a few insights from Kevin Hale on picking startup ideas. A startup idea is a hypothesis about how a company could grow quickly. So all you just have to do is prove that the.

Startup Growth Calculator

Simple tool to understand your the capital you should be raising based on your average revenues and expenses. Play around with it by clicking on the button Startup Growth Calculator

The Indian Consulting firm Origin Story

Management consulting originated as a new branch of Business management in the US when Boston Consulting Group opened its doors in 1963. There were great companies in this period but there is no standard way to think bigger than the company level, let alone the concept of strategy. There was no standardized way to think.

Building a startup

Validate your idea – You need to ask yourself and your prospective customers varied questions in order to select and validate your idea. Find a co-founder – Startups with 2 or more co-founders are more likely to succeed. Create a prototype & an MVP – Prototype & MVP are important for external validation of your.

Valuing Startups

  Business valuation is never straightforward – for any company. For startups with little or no revenue or profits and less-than-certain futures, the job of assigning a valuation is particularly tricky. For mature, publicly listed businesses with steady revenues and earnings, normally it’s a matter of valuing them as a multiple of their earnings before.

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