We have collaborated with professional partners to provide complete additional services to startups in our network in law, taxation, and fundraising. Talk to us to know about partner services.

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StartupWize Law Partner

Pooja Terwad & Associates (“PTA’) is a full-service law firm established in Mumbai in January 2015. PTA has expanded rapidly and currently serving clients PAN India offering a wide range of legal services to various transnational and domestic clients in core practice areas of corporate & commercial laws, family laws, real estate laws, dispute resolution & litigation. PTA provides end-to-end startup solutions, providing comprehensive Legal and Business Services to Investors and startups across all Sectors. StartupWize partnered with PTA to provide legal solutions to the startups in our network.

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StartupWize Valuation Partner

Equidam is the leading provider of online business valuation. More than 130,000 startups and small businesses in 90 countries use Equidam to compute, understand and negotiate their value. Its technology benchmarks the company against 10,000,000 data points on market transactions to find comparables and provide accurate financial parameters and valuations at 1/10 the time and price of standard valuation services. Equidam automates all the calculations involved, allowing entrepreneurs to seamlessly compute the valuation on their own and learn its drivers. This knowledge combined with one-click download of clear and detailed valuation reports, empowers them to better negotiate with investors/buyers and unlock their full business potential.

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StartupWize Fundraising Partner

Whether your firm is already earning revenue or is just starting out, it is never too early to start thinking about funding. The business plan, financial valuation, slide deck, and investor pitch need to be perfect before you present your company to investors. That's where we come in. Venture Capital firms and Angel Investment syndicates each receive thousands of funding requests every year. We will make yours stand out from the pile, to catch their eye and get you the funding you need to make your company soar. Our team is composed of trained venture capital professionals, entrepreneurs and MBAs who know what investors are looking for and can help you prepare to take your company to the next level.

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StartupWize Coworking Partner

With GoFloaters, you can find amazing coworking spaces that are easy on the pocket, well designed and conveniently located. We have specially curated lists of coworking cafes, shared offices, hotdesks, and meeting and event spaces, across Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Coimbatore. We’re perfect for startups, freelancers, digital nomads, sales teams, consultants, enterprise teams, remote workers and even small businesses! Work anytime and anywhere with GoFloaters.

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