Taming a mammoth: Property Adviser on a real (estate) mission

As I walked into an office with an electrifying environment, I got a feeling that I am in a startup which is onto something. I opened my notes and started speaking to Ravi Kumar Bandlamudi, Director of Property Adviser. As I sat in front of him and asked my questions, he revealed his vision for the future of real estate in India.

Property Adviser Solving Problems One by One

I speak to startups almost every day and I can spot a great one among the rest. A common trait among successful founders is that they identify a problem create a plan to take it down step by step. These founders pick a pressing problem and do what they do the best in solving it. With Property Adviser, the solution was to bring together the right team to solve the problem at hand. Luckily, Ravi Kumar is one of those rare founders who can spot great talent and align his team towards a common mission.

Trusted and Verified Information

Property Adviser, under the leadership of Ravi, is growing into an active player in the Hyderabad real-estate ecosystem. With more and more listing platforms on the internet, Property Adviser succeeds to differentiate itself with a 100% verified project directory. With its idea of trusted and verified information, the concept of Property Adviser reminds me of a story about Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs asked his team of engineers to develop the most compact iPod ever. After the Apple engineers had built the prototype, Jobs dropped it in water and said, this is not compact enough, as it is releasing air bubbles. Similarly, we live in a world where every platform is flooded with useful and useless information combined. In an industry where it is hard to spot a genuine listing from a fake one, Property Adviser is providing a clear solution to the customers looking for verified real estate information online. No noise, just business.

Property Adviser Steers You Through the Fog

Real Estate business, with its brokers, builders, and vendors system is hard for an average user to steer through. As the industry has been in its high growth phase, most decisions in real estate have eventually turned right. However, as the industry stabilizes and prices become more varied, making the right investment decision gets tougher day by day. As a result, with the country’s changing environmental factors, Property Adviser has decided to be the company that informs its customers. In addition to simplifying high-level real estate insights, the company simplifies what government announcements entail to typical customers. For instance, the company recently advised Property Advisory Services for customers looking for unbiased advice on real estate investment.

Unique Value-Added Features

Property Adviser also started a newspaper to educate end customers about the real estate trends. The paper also includes an overview of city-level real estate projects. The Property Adviser website contains a graphical presentation of the historic trend of properties and weekly updates of sites. It is interesting to see the company using the unique knowledge it has acquired from builders and properties to bring together listing services, media updates, and advanced analytics to answer every question about real estate for a typical user.

Above all, the company is growing and plans to reach its competitors such as CommonFloor and Magic Bricks with over 1,80,000 views every month. In an industry where “the winner takes it all” is the norm, whether Property Adviser has what it takes to become the next big player is yet to be seen. However, if Property Adviser succeeds to be the winner, it would be a delight for the average real estate customer.

More Information

If you are interested in taking a look at this new innovative company, you can find Property Adviser’s website here.

On the other hand, if you have some ideas about founding a startup like Property Adviser, and you’re having trouble picking the best one, check out my article here.

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