Management Consulting for Startups

Startups in Pre-seed stage to Series A stage

Consulting services by experts from top business schools offering business plans, presentations, market research, financial modeling, strategy, and valuation for startups.


Create a great business from your unique idea. On your way from an idea to high-growth business, StartupWize is your partner along the way. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals.


Connect with our in-house consultants, mentors, or third-party consultants who provide extended services for your startup. Whatever you may need, we are there for you.


Build your business in a structured fashion with StartupWize. Get attention of investors, set benchmarks for your team, and build a great business from your vision.

Why StartupWize?

StartupWize is here to level the field for startups. We help our clients with investor ready business plans, winning pitch decks, and eye-catching prototypes. Come to us with a great idea, we will give you everything else. Our team has experience in working with VC firms, building startups that took successful exits, and creating business plans that succeeded in raising funds.

We are doing Business Plans, Pitch Decks, Financial Models

Consulting packages

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Startups find it hard to get access to the funding from Angel Groups, VC firms, or Accelerators because of the lack of knowledge, mentoring, or the right business knowledge


We create business plans, pitch decks, and financial models for startups and prepare them in perfecting their pitch for fundraising and competitions

Investor ready

Our business plans are ready to be submitted to investors. And you know what? Our startups have raised more than Rs. 35 Lakhs with our business plans already.

Thorough research

The most common reason for startup failure is not having enough market need for a product. We do thorough market research to give you data backed suggestions.

Innovation friendly

We have worked with startups that have developed innovative products. We understand your idea and your passion for building a product.

Fast startups

Speed is the differentiating factor for high growth startups from other startups. We bring down the process of building a business plan from 8 months to 4 weeks.

Established in March 2019 and we have...

Satisfied Clients

...and we are just getting started!

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