We would love to help as much as we can to all our startups. Following are a few startup resources to help you find solutions to some of the most frequent questions you have in valuating your startup.

Pre-money and Post-Money Valuation Calculator

Pre-Money and Post-Money Valuation Calculator
Using our Pre-money and Post-money valuation calculator: an example

When you are fundraising for your company, the investor might be interested in investing your company in exchange for a certain equity. This calculator helps you figure out what is your pre-money and post-money valuation. Which means, what is your company worth when you receive an investment in your company.

SaaS Lifetime Value Calculator

SaaS Lifetime Value Calculator
Using our LTV calculator: an example

Let’s assume you run a company that has a SaaS product with multiple subscription plans. You want to find out what is your LTV.

  1. Determine the number of customers. Let’s say you have 25 customers in total.
  2. Calculate your MRR. You make a handsome $6000 a month.
  3. The SaaS lifetime value calculator will automatically divide the MRR by the number of customers to get your ARPA – in this case, $250.
  4. Decide on your gross margin. Let’s say that you need to spend 35% of your revenue on maintenance, so your gross margin is equal to 65%.
  5. Determine your churn rate. Let’s say that during the first month, only 1 customer canceled their subscription plan. Will will assume that the churn rate will be constant. 1 of 25 customers is 4%.
  6. Decide on the account expansion cost. Let’s say it is equal to $0 – you don’t plan to introduce an expansion option.
  7. The LTV calculator will automatically find the LTV of your product. For our example, it is equal to $4062.50. That means that every customer you have will spend, on average, $4062.50 on your SaaS product before you they unsubscribe.
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